The tradition ended with Younger Than Yesterday

Ken’s shirt and pants leg are blown off by his own Hadoken, when Bison deflects it back at him. Combat Pragmatism: It’s called “Street Fighter” for a reason: because there aren’t any rules, except to be the last man standing. And the characters are fully aware of that fact, because their lives usually depend on it: Chun Li uses her bedroom lamp and her couch as improvised weapons, to defend herself against Vega’s claw. The tradition ended with Younger Than Yesterday, but was temporarily resurrected for Ballad Of Easy Rider through “Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins”, a light hearted meditation on the Apollo 11 moon landing. Actually, on the re release of Younger Than Yesterday, the song “Don’t Make Waves” is added near the end and serves this purpose. One Steve Limit: Having pairs of unrelated band members with the last names Parsons and Clark(e) makes it a little confusing for folks being introduced to the band.

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